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Delicate Pink '17

Flower & Garden Show '17

Gondolier before the fire

Waterfire Lit '17

Red Tulip '18

Flowers in the B/W window

Spring '13

Logees '17

Flourescent white and red flower



Burnside Mansion

B/W Clouds I

Peerless View I

Bleeding Heart '15

Heading Out


Closed Sunflower


Roger Williams Park

Anemone '16

Yellow Iris/Black Background

Sculpture @ DeCordova in color

Jellyfish I

Ghostly image 

Bright Yellow '18



Eye of the Beholder I

Iris in Vase '17

Mohican Hotel

Fleur Dy Lis I

Boston '12

Violet Hyacinth 

Red & White Tulip

Woman with Tea Cup '17

Red & Orange Tulip

View from Superman Building

Purple Iris with Droplets

Linden Place with Flowers '18

Heart Film Image

Summer in Bristol '18

Before the Fires II

MFA '18

Autumn Leaf '17

Red/Yellow Flowers

Irises against Fence '18

White/Purple Iris '16

Clematis '18


Pansies '18

Pale Rose '18

Pure White '18

Purple Irises IV

Burgandy against Brick w Droplets '19

Superman Reflection '10

Crooks Point Bascule Bridge

Hydrangea by Fence '18

Colored Roses '19

Red Gladiola

Pink Rose Falling Apart in Cambridge

Peach Ranunculous

2 Purple Irises '15

Burgandy Center

White Anemone '18

Daisy with Bee

10,000 suns IV

West Side Diner

Daisy III

Sun City IV

Space Version

Sunset '16

Purple Farmer's Market '18

Single Peony

Buddha in Color

Providence Red Reflection

Orchids III

Red Roses '18

Pink Gladiola

Red Flower in the Sky

Rose Bunch '16

Rustic Drive In

1031 Studios w/ Butterflies

Red Gondola '17

Providence Industrial '19

Funky Anemone

Bright Pink Anemone

Yellow Hibiscus '19

Lavendar Gladiolas

Bottom half of Sunflower

Birds on a Wire

Pink Daisy with Bee

Orange Cosmos

Biltmore IV

B/W Providence IV

Angell Street '19

Pink Dahlia in the Snow '16

Pink Cosmos '17

1/4 Sunflower

Yellow/Pink Zinnia

1031 Productions IV

Sunflower 5

Daisy II

Wildflowers III

4th of July '19

Galactic Providence

Red Tulip/Stone

Shephard Film '17

Bee on Orange Flowers '17

India Point Sunset 7/19

Two Hearts Beat As One

Biltmore in Color '17

Ladd #1

Yellow Orchid

Iris on Rochambeau

 Bird at the Providence Flea

Summer Sky

Red Tulips

Violins '18

Red Roses in the Sky

Eye of the Beholder II

Superman IV

Ladd Oberservatory II

Orange Roses '18

Clearwater Beach Palm Trees


June '16

Airplane '16

Two Purple Flowers

Providence 9/19

Pink Daisies '15

Lavendar Roses '11

Violet Iris V

Light Display

Vintage Providence

Flowers in the Sky '19


Superman Blue

Off to Boston

Pink/Red Green Flowers

Make a Wish '17

8x10 only

Newport Lighthouse

Blithwold Bird

3 Zebras

Bird '17

Green Center Anemone

Pink Sunset '18

Fleur Dy Lis II

Vintage  Roses

Powder Blue Iris

Cranston Street Armory

Pansies '18

City of Sunflowers '18

Blossoming in Pink

Daisies in Peach

Balancing Act

Birds over Water 

Pink/Yellow Dahlia

Flowers w cement in back

Purple Morris Street Iris

White Iris '16

White Rose '17

Buddha at RISD

White Anemone '19


Rose on Fire Hydrant

Colored Fence

2 Pink Roses

Feel Joy

Sunflower in our Garden '18

Reflection May '14